So now your hard work and lots of waiting has come to end now you have moved to your new house. But after a few months, you have started facing leakage from the window panes so now you started thinking of it. But now it’s not the better option to apply some chemicals to stop it. The proper mechanical work had to be done before. The proper way of doing it is by fully putting a marble frame then placing the window frame on the marble and applying any kind of sealant (mseal, pop, etc) on it for proper sealing. Nowadays no one has time to visit their construction sites so taking advantage of it they just put the marble border in the house where we can see for beautification and the window frame is directly placed on the concrete and fill the edges with pop which in future starts peeling off and leads to the leaking of rainwater in the house destroying our interiors. So if we bring these things into consideration we can prevent these small leakages in the future.


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